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Viking Pool Cues

Founded In the early 1960s, by Gordon Hart, Viking Cue started in the basement of a poolroom in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Viking pool Cues became popular and drew the attention of famous top players. more ...

Over the next two decades, production capacity increased as the company grew with Viking pool cues sold throughout the United States and abroad.

From the leather tip, to the rubber bumper, a Viking pool cue is built with the best parts, experience, and care in the billiard market. Viking Pool Cues manufacture 99% of the parts they use on their pool cues and guarantee them to be 100% American made. Viking cues are painstakingly handcrafted in the USA with the finest materials and the most rigid quality control standards.

Viking pool cues have a manufacturers warranty to be free from material and manufacturing defects including warpage for the life of the product, excluding replaceable parts such as the tip, ferrule, finish, wrap, and bumper. Remember… Nothing conquers a Viking. ... less

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