Tweeten Repair Kit

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Tweeten Repair Kit - Contains:
  • 1 tube “Cue Tip” Cement
  • 3 Triangle Chalk Pieces
  • 3 Small Black & Green Spots
  • 2 Large Black and White Spots
  • 12 Economy Cue Tips
  • 1 Cue Tip trimmer and extra sandpaper
  • 1 Cue Clamp
  • 1 Mender
Tweeten Repair Kit is an in-depth repair kit at a very affordable price. The kit includes a tube of Tweeten 10-Minute Cement, leather replacement cue tips, a tip clamp, a top sander, a scuffer, a 3-pack of Master Chalk, spots, backers, and more. This works great for replacing tips that popped off for one-piece house cues.