Tip Master 6-In-1 Tip Shaper System

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Tip Master: 6-In-1 Tip Shaper System - Specifications
  • Size: 3 inches long x 1 inch wide
  • Tip Suffer - Improves chalk retention
  • Tip Tapper - Improves chalk retention
  • Shaper - Shapes tip into Dime Shape or nickel shape.
  • Tip Pick - Helps prepare tip to hold chalk better.
  • Tip Burnisher - Helps stop tip mushrooming by hardening the sides of the tip.
The new Tip Master tip tool is made of aircraft aluminum to be lightweight and last forever, plus it will shape, scuff, and pick your tip all in one tool and even has storage for some extra scuffing papers. The tip tool comes in three colors to choose Silver, Blue, and Pink.