Tiger Onyx LTD Cue Tip

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Tiger Onyx-LTD® Laminated Cue Tips are made from the same boar hides as the Tiger Tiger Sniper® cue tips that have been treated slowly using no chemicals and tanned the old-fashioned way, underground. Each hide takes up to a year to tan completely, then is treated using Tiger Products' unique Vaculam vacuum lamination process that eliminates air that gets trapped between and within the leather layers. During the treatment process, each tip is softened to a medium hardness, while ensuring the leather remains firm. This makes for an easy-to-maintain tip that cuts better during repairs. Tiger Onyx-LTD® cue tips are super consistent and made in limited batches per year. Pure and perfect, Onyx is one of a kind! Hardness: Medium  Cue Tip Diameter: 14mm