Invisible Ball Rack Sheet for 8, 9 & 10 Ball - 3 Sheet

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Benefits Include:

  1. Invisible Ball Rack is made from a durable grade plastic the life expectancy of the product is approximately 1 year with constant use. Perfect for commercial or personal use.

  2. The rack is 0.05mm thick and has been made to keep any effect to the balls to a minimum. In most cases due to the rack giving a tight rack, balls rarely stay within the rack area after the break.

  3. A perfect rack allows for the balls to spread naturally after the break. The Invisible Ball Rack gives the same rack to every player; which eliminates cheating by players giving bad racks to their opponent.

  4. The Black or White color allows for The Invisible Ball Rack to be visible when laying on almost any color billiard cloth. 

  5. Saves wear to cloth on table from using rigid racks or tapping on balls for placement.

  6. Ensures perfect ball placing every time and saves time.
    • High Quality Pet Plastic
    • Imported
    • Thickness: 0.05 mm
    • Package includes: 3 Invisible Ball Rack for use with 2 ¼ inch balls