Samsara Jump/Break 14mm Cue Tip

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The Samsara Leather Jump/ Break tip is created with 9 layers of calfskin. All leather, no plastic make up of these cue tips, make them legal in all formats that allow jumping. A special manufacturing process makes them feel as hard as a phenolic without any of the drawbacks. These cue tips are extra hard.
Samsara Jump/Break 14mm Cue Tip - Specifications
  • Since the BCA's 2009 rule change banning phenolic tips during sanctioned events, Samsara has created a super-hard layered leather cue tip to fill that need.
  • Samsara uses 9 layers of laminated calf skin to create super hard break tips that are not only fully BCA compliant, they also give you the grip necessary to control the cue ball effectively on contact--more grip than a phenolic tip, even. (note: phenolic tips are still allowed by the BCA on jump cues)