Meucci Extension - Matching Design Available

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Extension includes Bumper Adapter 

 The included 1.5 inch coarse thread bumper adapter screws into the cue's weight system and replaces the existing bumper. 

To determine if your cue has the appropriate weight system for this extension, pop off the bumper and check that there is a grey threaded tube just past the bumper.

  • Fits all current Meucci & BMC cue models
  • Extension includes threaded Bumper Adapter
  • 4.6 oz
  • Coarse Thread (5/8 - 11) for all Current Models

    Please Note: 
  • Not all Meucci cues have a weight system. 
  • Not all Meucci cues have 1/2 inch of exposed threads (your cue may be filled with weights) for the adapter to screw into.
  • Not all Meucci cues have weight bolts installed, or may have dirty threads in weight tube. 
  • Not all Meucci cues use this thread, some have a fine thread weight system.
  • Not all weight systems are straight and may cause the extension to be off center.

We now have available glue-in coarse thread inserts for Old models
to replace the push-in bumper.

There are two sizes of glue in inserts:

  1. Insert to be used with cues which have a fine thread weight system
  2. Insert to be used with cues with *No weight tube, such as Meucci Originals, Larry Hubbart, etc.
*DO NOT remove screw in these models (usually Meucci Original logo with a visible flat head screw). The weight is not adjustable and the screw is meant to secure the butt plate of your cue.