McDermott i-Pro Shaft

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Most customers are happy with the standard joint size, but if you have a digital caliper you can provide exact specifications of joint size. Please use inch measurement.

Top view of calipers measuring diameter of pool cue Side view of calipers measuring diameter of pool cue, showing 0.833 on digital scale

Please Note: Though plastic wood to wood joints have a better balance and more action, only cues with stainless steel joints have interchangeable shafts without a lip. Plastic and Wood joint sizes vary (Viking, McDermott, Meucci and Pechauer, etc), due to the sanding and finishing process.

*Customization of Collar design, length change, tip change or millimeter are not returnable, unless for unambiguous manufacturing defect.

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The i-Pro's Radial Consistency


The i-Pro Shaft by McDermott boasts unrivaled radial consistency, ensuring consistent results no matter the orientation. With the innovative Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction and Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core, every shot is performed with unmatched predictability. This shaft is crafted to perfection for ultimate accuracy and minimal vibrations. Trust in the i-Pro Shaft for your most precise shots yet.

McDermott pool cue shafts are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are covered by a lifetime warranty, which includes warpage.



The Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction features eight spliced pieces of premium maple that are bonded together to form our most radial consistent shaft yet. This construction method drastically reduces the performance inconsistencies caused by natural wood grain. This technology maximizes energy transfer from the shaft into the cue ball at impact, allowing you to generate a higher spin rate while hitting closer to center cue ball.

Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core

The i-Pro’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core extends the full-length of the shaft (from ferrule to joint), stabilizing the entire shaft for absolute control and predictability. This technology increases radial consistency, reduces vibration and virtually eliminates the inconsistencies found in a traditional maple shaft


Navigator Alpha Tip

 Navigator Alpha tips feature multiple layers of Japanese pigskin leather that are bonded, then compressed for 3 minutes. This process results in a tip that mushrooms less and provides a firm and crisp hit. The base layers have a different density, allowing them to act like a bumper. This reduces pressure on the tip and helps protect the ferrule.
McDermott i-Pro Shaft - Specifications

TAPER:    i-Pro Hybrid
SHAFT SIZE:    12.5mm (standard)
TIP:    Navigator Alpha Pro MAX
JOINT:    3/8"-10 (standard)