Kamui Clear Black

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100% Japanese 10-layer pig skin leather. Because of Kamui's unique production process, their cue tips maintain high porosity, allowing for better chalk retention and less miscuing. Each layer of a Kamui's tip is carefully laminated to create uniformity and high performance--higher than the industry standard. Designed to allow players to put more spin on the cue ball with less effort, Kamui Black cue tips get their color from a special tanning process that leaves the leather moisture-proof and increases its elasticity without interfering with its porosity.

The clear layer is designed to glue, so you don't have to worry about the bottom layers of your tip absorbing glue (which happens with pretty much every non-backed tip). The result is a tip that is more consistent and provides perfectly aligned installations every time. Plus, the clear layer looks freaking sweet to boot!
Kamui Tips Kamui Clear Black - Specifications
  • 8 layers of pig skin
  • Hand selected layers of pig skin are specially tanned, compressed and glued together to give a consistent feel
  • Available in super soft, soft, medium or hard
  • Only available in 14 mm diameter
  • This tip is sold individually