Encyclopedia of Pool Shots

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Why buy Encyclopedia of Pool Shots

Dr. Dave Alciatore, PhD and Tom Ross team up to bring you a comprehensive video encyclopedia of the most important shots in pool.
Encyclopedia of Pool Shots - Specifications
  • In Volume 1: Learn about basic shot making and position, 160 shots that will show you how to to cut the ball, make combinations and caroms, control the speed and direction of the cue ball, and avoid scratching. This 87-minute video is a must for beginners or anyone looking to solidify the basics of their game.
  • In Volume 2: This will help give you the exercises to put your basics into practice by familiarizing you with the ins and outs of position off of cut shots. Learn everything you wanted to know about squirt and curve and the other vagaries of wrangling with applying spin to the cue ball. A comprehensive plan for maneuvering around the table with confidence.
  • In Volume 3: Learn all about how to play your favorite games – 8-Ball and 9-Ball – the right way with extensive exercises that teach you take the right shots in the right order with all the right angles. In addition to these offensive gems, you'll also get a crash course in the fine art of defensive play in both games.
  • In Volume 4: An excellent training guide for all kinds of kicks, banks, masse shots and jumps. Training these advanced shots is the key for moving from the intermediate to the advanced level – what seems like luck to you is something that the professional player has trained for!
  • In Volume 5: Learn about power strokes, jump shots, masse shots and other arrows for your quiver. Top players train these specialty shots so that they're sharpened and prepared for those rare occasions when a match hangs on their ability to work magic. You'll also get a sampling of trick shots and gambler challenge shots as well as information on game strategy and other special situations.