Carbon Extension to Fit Lucasi Predator, Poison, Players & PureX

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Stackable Extensions

The extension includes Bumper Adapter 

  • Extension is interchangeable between brands 
  • Extension includes threaded Bumper Adapter 
  • Additional bumper adapters sold separately
  • 2 Inch  - 4 Inch - 8 Inch  Lengths available
  • Lightweight carbon fiber  construction
  • Rear extension screws into weight system Under the Bumper

    Attn: Lucasi PureX and Players Cues
  • Fits past and current models with push-in style bumper.
  • Included with a glue-in insert to replace push in bumper
  • Adapter is cut to 1/2 inch and will not thread into weight tube.
  • Push in bumper will no longer fit after insert is glued in place.
  • Weight bolts can no longer be removed/replaced after insert is glued in.

Lucasi Extension with Glue-In Insert Video