Meucci BMC Casino-3 Pool Cue - Joker

Cue Comes with a Pro Shaft

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* Note: Customizing the cue's wrap is a change that voids the 60 day return policy, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect.

* Note: Shaft alterations are a customization that voids the 60 day return policy of the shaft, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect or when no customization for fit, design, tip or tip diameter has occurred.

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The BMC Casino-3 cue is the 3rd release of one the most beautiful designs ever created by Bob Meucci. Now we have gone a step further by making them available with exclusive Joker Cards. It has lots of bling which suggests the inside of a modern casino.
Meucci BMC Casino-3 Pool Cue - Joker - Specifications
  • Power Piston Technology of the Butt.
  • Tip: 12.5mm Medium Ultra Skin tip.
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit-now made more durable than original.
  • Shaft: One Black Dot Bullseye 35-Layer laminated hard rock maple shaft (29" long). 14"-16" pro taper. Collar is white plastic with reddish wooden ring inside silver rings. Threads have brass insert.
  • Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood.
  • Pin: 5/16x18
  • Forearm: The forearm begins with a black colored Power Piston sleeve inlaid with 4 authentic blue Paua Shell points framed in white. In between these 4 points are four 5-inch long lines of blue Paua Shell encased in white lines. Each line ends in one of the 4 suites. Each Paua Shell heart, spade, diamond, club has a white frame.
  • Wrap: Urethane coated Black with Natural Spec Irish linen wrap.
  • Sleeve: The butt sleeve consists of a 4 card royal flush in Joker Cards over a 48 piece blue Paua Shell sleeve trimmed with white on either side. Above and below this card sleeve are 6 Blue Paua Shell dice with white numbering bordered on either side by 24 1/32 x1/16 silver rectangles. All is set in a white background. The dice are surrounded by imitation ivory. The 5 inch lines on the forearm butt up against 24 silver 1/16x1/32 rectangles just above the wrap surrounded in black. The joint consists of 6 blue Paua Shell casino type dice with white numbers bordered on either side by 24 1/16x1/32 silver rectangles all set in a black field. This design is repeated again in the shaft collar.
  • Standard finish: Five-proof urethane coating - Including the wrap.
  • Bumper: Basic push in rubber bumper.
  • Weights: Everlock adjustable system 18-21oz.

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