Athena ATHC02 2x2 Purple Tribal Heart

Black/Purple - Tribal Heart

2 Butts/2 Shafts

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The Athena Purple Tribal Heart case is the perfect choice for women who want to protect there pool cues and look good doing it. This case holds two butts and two shafts so there is plenty of room for a Athena Cue and a Breaking Cue. The large front pocket also has an internal pouch that is perfect for storing the 10" Athena extension.
Athena ATHC02 2x2 Purple Tribal Heart - Specifications
  • Athena 2 Butt and 2 Shaft Tube Style Case
  • Spacious pockets
  • Top carrying handle
    Shoulder strap
  • Interior Case Layout 

    Colors: Purple & Black
    Shape: Oval
    Material: Vinyl
    Pockets: 2
         Top- 6" long with mesh pouch and key chain holder
         Bottom- 16" long with extension holder
    Base: Flat
    Length: 32"

    Structure: Poured rubber mold casing
    Lining: Soft felt
    Direction: Shaft inserts in either direction
    Butt: Butt inserts in either direction
    Length: Fits up to 30" shaft (Fits Tightly)