Meucci Ultra Piston-4 Red Pool Cue

Cue Comes with The Pro Shaft

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* Note: Customizing the cue's wrap is a change that voids the 60 day return policy, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect.

* Note: Shaft alterations are a customization that voids the 60 day return policy of the shaft, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect or when no customization for fit, design, tip or tip diameter has occurred.

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Meucci Ultra Piston-4 Red

The Meucci Ultra Piston-4 Red Cue is a dynamic design from Bob Meucci that is built exclusively for customers of Budget Billiards! This cue is absolutely loaded with striking Paua Shell Inlay.

It has Power Piston Technology on the butt and comes with one The Pro low-deflection shaft. The Meucci shaft standard is 12.75mm. Upon request, 12-14mm is available.

The forearm is black and has Meucci's famed Power Piston technology incorporated. There are 6 absolutely brilliant Red genuine Paua Shell deep-recessed floating points.

There are 4 detailed white bands on the butt with 24 separate 1/32 x 1/32 square aluminum inlays in each one. That's 96 in the butt alone. The shaft carries an additional 24.

The wrap is a Urethane Coated Black with White Speck Irish Linen. It comes with the Everlock adjustable weight bolt system.

The Warranty is a Very Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, that covers only "performance or structural integrity" related defects for a period of 1 year.