Eight Ball Mafia EBMC22B Cue Case - 2x2

Skull and Stars

2 Butts/2 Shafts

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When you roll with the Eight Ball Mafia, you need a pool cue case that can take a bit of the rough and tumble. That's exactly what you'll get with the EBMC22B Skull and Stars edition version of this 2-butt 2-shaft case. I'm not saying you should drag it on a gravel road, but this case can take a serious beating.
Eight Ball Mafia EBMC22B Cue Case - 2x2 - Specifications
  • Eight Ball Mafia 2 Butt and 2 Shaft Tube Style Case
  • Spacious pockets, carrying handles, and shoulder strap
  • Protect your cue for less

  • Designs: Skull & Stars. 2x2.
  • Shape: Oval.
  • Material: Vinyl.
  • Pockets: 2, the longer pocket is 14 inches in length.
  • Base: Flat.
  • Length: 32"

  • Structure: Poured rubber mold casing.
  • Lining: Felt/soft cloth.
  • Direction: Shaft inserts tip down.
  • Butt: Butt inserts pin down.
  • Length: Fits up to 30" shaft (Fits Tightly).