Cuetec Avid Opt-X Gold Pool Cue (12.75 or 11.75mm)


Cue Comes with a air light front-end AVID shaft

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Cuetec Pool Cue: Cuetec Avid Opt-X Gold - Specifications
  • Tip: Tiger Everest
  • Ferrule: 0.375" thin white sighting ferrule
  • Shaft: 29" air light front-end AVID shaft.  Constructed with multi-plies of glass composite bonded to A-grade kiln-dried maple.
  • Pin: 3/8x14 - 21.3mm 
  • Collar: Black
  • Forearm: Black with creme and gold points with diamond accents
  • Wrap: Leather-Tec
  • Butt Sleeve: Gold scrimshaw design with cream accents and diamonds
  • Butt Plate: Chrome Laser etched Avid logo
  • Bumper: Duo Smart extension-ready bumper

A proper cue can change more than your game’s trajectory, it can change the way you see the game itself. Cuetec’s all-new AVID Opt-X series cues were designed and engineered to do just that. Featuring original intricate designs that create the optical illusion of depth, each AVID Opt-X cue is crafted with an A-grade kiln-dried, vacuum-sealed hard maple glass bonded maple low-deflection shaft. The Opt-X series high-performance features don’t end there, every Opt-X cue includes moisture-shedding Leather-Tec wrap, Cuetec’s second-generation Acueweight adjustment, and balance system and arrives with a DUO-ready extension bumper. Isn’t it time you see the game differently?
Cuetec Avid Opt-X Gold Pool Cue (12.75 or 11.75mm) - Specifications