Meucci Radiant Break Cue - Carbon Break Shaft

Cue Comes with a 13 mm Carbon Pro Shaft
with a Phenolic Ferrule and Tip.

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Meucci's Break Cue featuring the advanced Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft. Engineered to deliver powerful breaks with minimal effort, this cue boasts a solid hard maple butt that ensures robust performance. The sleek metallic paint finish gives the cue a stylish, professional appearance.

The Carbon Pro Shaft, equipped with a brown phenolic ferrule and tip, maximizes energy transfer through the cue, offering a harder and more solid hit than standard models. Experience unrivaled power and accuracy with every shot from this high-performance break cue.

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft:

  • Multi-Directional Carbon Fiber Filaments: Creates a homogeneous spine and uniform hit.
  • Polyurethane Foam Core: Varied density foam core with maple plugs at both ends provides a warm sound and feel without the annoying clinking noise typical of other carbon fiber shafts.
  • Lightweight Construction: Reduces weight on your bridge hand for better cue ball control and a steady stroke. The ultra-strong carbon composite construction features Meucci's lightweight front-end design without the distracting hollow sound found in other carbon shafts.
  • Pro Taper (15 inch): Ensures a steady bridge and consistent stroke with virtually no rise at 15 inches, catering to players of all stroke lengths.
Meucci Radiant Break Cue - Carbon Break Shaft - Specifications
  • Tip: 13 mm Phenolic Tip
  • Ferrule: Phenolic Ferrule
  • Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood.
  • Pin: 5/16x18
  • Forearm/Sleeve: Black Stained Maple
  • Standard finish: Five-proof urethane coating - Including the wrap.
  • Bumper: Basic push in rubber bumper.
  • Weights: Everlock adjustable weight system.
  • Warranty: Very Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, covers only "performance or structural integrity" related defects for a period of 1 year.